10 ply

/10 ply
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot Grass Master

    OTR Grassmaster

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The OTR Grassmaster is designed with a high traction tread and a long wear rubber compound. The Grassmaster is available with a 2 or 4-ply rating for most sizes. More tire sizes are coming soon. Contact us for more information.

    Features of the Grassmaster

    • High Traction Tread.
    • Long Wear Rubber Compound.

    Features Of The Grassmaster

    Features Of The Grassmaster
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot HBR Lawnmaster
    The HBR Lawnmaster is our newest low profile turf tire featuring a flat tread profile to deliver a wide footprint to minimize ground compaction.

    Features of the HBR Lawnmaster

    • Low Profile.
    • Flat Tread Profile.
    Features Of the HBR Lawnmaster
  • Out of stock
    The OTR Lightning is a premium quality non-directional tire designed with a wide center rib resembling a lightning bolt to promote superior wear on hard surfaces. Its stiff sidewall, flat contact surface, wide shoulders and durable rubber compund design make this tire an excellent choice for asphalt, concrete and gravel applications.

    Features of the Lightning

    • Wide Center Rib.
    • Superior Wear.
    • Stiff Sidewall.
    Features of the Lightning
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot Litefoot

    OTR Litefoot

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    The OTR Litefoot was originally designed as OTR’s answer for equipment required to operate in sandy conditions as well as produce minimal turf damage and yet provide enough traction to get the job done! The Litefoot tread pattern provides great traction and superior wear characteristics on a variety of surfaces. The Litefoot is constructed with a long wear rubber compound. The Litefoot is designed for great handling and performance on small equipment.

    Features of the Litefoot

    • Minimal Turf Damage.
    • Superior Wear.

    Available Tire Sizes for the OTR Litefoot

    Features Of the Litefoot
  • Mudshark-HF3
    The OTR Mudshark HF3 is a heavy duty high performance HF3 tire with a high bead ratio (HBR) option. For the HBR, the patented OTR innovation to change the aspect ratio of the tire is beneficial. The HBR boasts a shortened sidewall while maintaining a standard tire outside diameter (OD).
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.
    Features Of the Mudshark
  • Genie Non Marking Outrigger Non-Marking
    The OTR Non-Marking Outrigger is without a doubt our most popular tire offering due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance. Non-Marking Tires are a patented design by OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. and are produced by special order. A minimum order quantity may apply.  

    Features of the Non-Marking Outrigger

    • Non-Marking.
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.

    Available Tire Sizes Of the Non-Marking Outrigger

    Features of Non-Marking Tires
  • JLG Lift

    OTR Outrigger

    Rated 3.00 out of 5
    The OTR Outrigger-R4 is without a doubt our most popular tire offering due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance.
    Outrigger® is a registered trademark.
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.
  • Outrigger-HF3
    The OTR Outrigger® HF3 is a premium quality directional tire designed with stiff sidewalls, a flat contact surface, wide shoulders and a durable rubber compound that provides longer life while operating on soft pack, sand, gravel, asphalt, and concrete applications.

    Features of the Outrigger HF3

    • Stiff Sidewall.
    • Flat Contact Surface.
    • Wide Shoulders.
    • Durable Rubber Compound.
    Features of the Outrigger HF3
  • SKS-1 R4
    The OTR SKS-1 R4 is a a high quality directional herringbone tread tire.  

    Features of the SKS-1 R4

    • Directional Herringbone Tread.
    • High Quality.
    Features of the SKS-1 R4
  • Out of stock
    Traction Master
    The OTR Traction Master HF3 is a high quality designed tire. With its directional herringbone tread style, the Traction Master offers excellent traction and cleaning properties for soft pack, sand and firmer ground conditions.

    Features of the Traction Master HF3

    • Directional Herringbone Tread Style.
    • Excellent Traction.
    • Excellent Cleaning Properties.
    Features of the Traction Master HF3
  • Wearmaster
    The OTR Wearmaster® is one of our most popular offerings. First designed by our engineering team with a specific application in mind, the Wearmaster® has grown in its use to a variety of applications - including military - due to it’s superior design and performance.

    Features of the Wearmaster

    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Performance.
    Features of the OTR Wearmaster